Beasiswa Research di Jepang dari Pemerintah Jepang

International students who have returned to their countries after having studied in Japan and who are currently active in education, academic research or public administration, are invited to a Japanese university to conduct joint research with relevant academics. Beneficiary: Returnees from Japan with nationalities of developing countries and regionsEligibility: Under 45 years old. At least one year […]

Informasi Resmi Beasiswa Jepang tahun 2021

Kunjungi situs Website resmi kerjasama pemerintah jepang dan indonesia dalam hal pemberian beasiswa :, beberapa program beasiswa jepang disediakan antara lain : Research Student Research Student (U to U) Undergraduate/ Gakubu College of Technology/ Kosen Specialized Training College/ Senshu Teacher Training Japanese Studies

Scholarships in Germany for International Students

As an ideal destination for international students, Germany offers some of the best conditions to pursue a degree and enjoy an authentic German experience. There are numerous reasons why Germany makes a go-to destination for foreign students, starting with the fact that it is truly budget friendly. In comparison to other study destinations outside of […]

Australia Awards in Indonesia

Online applications The followings are two steps to apply for the Long Term Awards (Australia Awards postgraduate scholarships): All applicants are required to apply online at OASIS website. Please read OASIS user guide for applicants to get more information about the OASIS. After applying at the OASIS website, applicants must also complete an Additional Information for Online Application. Notes: All applicants MUST read the Indonesia […]